Black Eyed Peas Go Retro in Hip-Hop-Celebrating ‘Yesterday’ Video

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Black Eyed Peas, and to celebrate the group has ended their five-year hiatus by unveiling their surprise new music video for “Yesterday.” In the video,, Taboo and – but not Fergie, who didn’t joined the group until 2002 – pay tribute to all the classic hip-hop that inspired them early on. The single itself is also more reminiscent of that old-school sound than their latter-day pop hits like “My Humps” and “Boom Boom Pow.” Continue reading


Shaggy to ISIS: ‘Go F–k Yourself’

ISIS is a self-proclaimed caliphate responsible for unfathomable acts of evil. Shaggy is a reggae-fusion singer best known for lightweight hits like 1995’s “Boombastic” and 2000’s “It Wasn’t Me.” These two forces converged in a recent interview with Miami New Times, where the musician outlined his plan for defeating the jihadist group – a strategy that involves marijuana…and Shaggy. Continue reading


Periscope: Four ways it’s shaking up media

It’s May 2, and in London, the Duchess of Cambridge has entered St. Mary’s hospital to give birth to her second child. CNN Royal Correspondent Max Foster is waiting just outside in a crowded press area. He can’t do much on TV until the baby is born. Instead, he turns to his phone — clamped to a mini-tripod perched atop a trash bin — and chats with thousands of royal fans via livestreaming app Periscope. Continue reading