Periscope: Four ways it’s shaking up media

It’s May 2, and in London, the Duchess of Cambridge has entered St. Mary’s hospital to give birth to her second child. CNN Royal Correspondent Max Foster is waiting just outside in a crowded press area. He can’t do much on TV until the baby is born. Instead, he turns to his phone — clamped to a mini-tripod perched atop a trash bin — and chats with thousands of royal fans via livestreaming app Periscope. Continue reading

Sweden is Now Recycling 99 Percent of its Trash

Sweden is Now Recycling 99% of its Trash!

It would serve Americans greatly to take a page out of Sweden’s book about recycling their waste.
The Scandinavian nation of Sweden has set a new precedent in the world of recycling its trash, with a near zero waste amount of 99 percent. Sweden was already ahead of the game back in 2012, when they were recycling 96 percent of their trash, but the three percent jump in just two years is quite impressive.
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UK Garage’s New School Stars Discuss the Future of 2-Step

It’s hard to keep track of UK 2-step garage’s countless permutations. New terms seem to crop up every few months – future garage, nu-garage, post-garage, post-dubstep – and all this change is making us want to re-rewind back to the good old days of classic 2-step. Of course, there’s no turning back the clock, so we’ve satisfied our craving for outdated beats by looking to the handful of UK producers who have drawn inspiration for their contemporary sketches from the genre’s origins.
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